Super App

Episode Three: Super App Wonder what it would be like to have Superpowers!? Escape reality with this super hero fiction podcast! “Super App” chronicles the adventures of two ordinary couples who discover a bonus level on their mobile game that gives each of them a mighty superpower.  Now, they must decide whether to stick with […]


Episode Two: Moonstone Haunted by a Ghost of their Past! Escape reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in.  Seven months and twenty-eight days ago, 22-year-old Kadee Carpenter (Tessa Netting) lost her mom Hannah (Susan Segal) in a terrible car accident caused by a texting driver.  Kadee and her Aunt Paula (Donna D’Errico) have had […]

Ride Share

Episode One: Ride Share Escape Reality with a thriller fiction podcast to get lost in. Ride Share is the series premier episode of DIGITAL SKY, an anthology podcast series of social and science fiction about the apps that control our lives. Fans of Twilight and Black Mirror will love Ride Share! Trapped in a Car […]