The Bixby Twins

Episode Six: The Bixby Twins Escape Reality with a Fiction Podcast to get lost in and get ready for IDENTICAL TWINS CHALLENGE! Hayden and Tyler Bixby are twins, YouTubers and social-media influencer superstars. Their Youtube channel has an enormous following of mostly teenage girls. But as the brothers are growing up, their interests are beginning to diverge. The […]

Dog Pods

Episode Six: DogPods Escape reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in and ask yourself, what is your dog thinking? Jack is a brilliant neuroscientist who always wonders what his dog, Bella, is thinking. So he tries creating a pair of AirPods that allow pet and owner to talk with each other. Bella loves Jack and […]

Trail Less Taken

Episode Five: Trail Less Taken Escape Reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in. Facing certain death would you reveal your biggest secret and tell the world you were gay? Claire Hoffman is an expert hiker and popular influencer. She inspires her audience by broadcasting her adventures on social media. Claire has decided to challenge […]

Space Agent

Episode Four: Space Agent Can a video game character feel? Escape reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in. Sam, Eric and Cassie are obsessed with beating the next level of the hot new video game “Space Agent”. It’s a first-person shooter game about a Bond-like secret agent who battles Martians on his quest to […]