Ride Share Ep 5: Room 729

Episode 5: Room 729 Lydia Listens to Keith’s heart beat! The challenge for the egg is on! Keith (Eric Martsolf: Booster Gold on Smallville) and Lydia (Britt Baron: Final Fantasy VII: Remake) lock themselves into a hotel room to compete for the egg in a battle of will and endurance. They play the game in […]

Ride Share Ep 4: Lydia

Episode Four: Lydia The return of the femme fatale Lydia (Britt Baron – Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Glow) returns to claim her Fabrege Egg, but she get’s caught in Keith’s (Eric Martsolf – Days Of Our Lives) dangerous con job of a couple of young punks who need to be taught a harsh life […]

Room 729 Script

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