Ep 8 Reunion Script

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Ride Share Ep 9: The Pier

Ride Share Ep 9: The Pier In this weeks ride share episode Keith and Lydia meet at the Santa Monica Pier to dig up the buried egg – and deal with it once and for all! But when Alex and Nicole crash the party all hell breaks loose. Also in this episode: Keith gets into […]

Ride Share Ep 8: Reunion

Ride Share Ep 8: Reunion Back to the Pilot, where Ride Share began! Keith pays a surprise visit to his favorite victims Nicole and Alex who he conned out of all of their stuff several weeks earlier. Keith actually feels bad about taking Alex’s precious Talisman and decides to return it. Performed by: Eric Martsolf […]

Ride Share Ep 7: Conflicted

Ride Share Episode 7: Conflicted On this week’s visual podcast episode of Ride Share we see a con man’s day off! Keith reunites with Amanda and they decide to take a day off together. Keith promises that he’s not gonna lie to her, allowing them a chance to reveal personal secrets to each other. But […]

Ride Share Ep 6: A Girl Walks Into a Bar

Episode 6: A Girl Walks into a Bar The Hot girl con is on! Keith has been wanting to try a certain con-job for a while. But he never found the right accomplice, until he met Lydia. At a hidden upscale club, Keith finds his marks in the VIP section : A group of rich […]

Road Stop

Road Stop (Episode 1-5 Recap) It’s time for a road stop! 🛑 Let’s hit the brakes, pull over, and catch up with everything that’s happened so far with Keith, the mysterious con man posing as a ride share driver, in the first half of Ride Share the series. 🚙 Join James Gavsie, one of the […]

Ride Share Ep 5: Room 729

Episode 5: Room 729 Lydia Listens to Keith’s heart beat! The challenge for the egg is on! Keith (Eric Martsolf: Booster Gold on Smallville) and Lydia (Britt Baron: Final Fantasy VII: Remake) lock themselves into a hotel room to compete for the egg in a battle of will and endurance. They play the game in […]

Ride Share Ep 4: Lydia

Episode Four: Lydia The return of the femme fatale Lydia (Britt Baron – Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Glow) returns to claim her Fabrege Egg, but she get’s caught in Keith’s (Eric Martsolf – Days Of Our Lives) dangerous con job of a couple of young punks who need to be taught a harsh life […]