Escape reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in. Blocked is Digital Sky’s first ever visual podcast! Visual novel fans, hang on for a wild ride!

Charlie King is a 33-year-old aspiring screenwriter who just knows he has what it takes to make it big. He practices his craft every day, driven by the feeling he’s on the cusp of making it big. 

He meets Michelle Tinto, an aspiring actress, for lunch to discuss a new project. It could be the breakthrough they’ve both been dreaming of! Luckily, Charlie knows just the guy that could make it happen . . . if they could just get through to him.

Performed by: David Wallace (Archie the Turtle), Chris Guerra (Modern Family), Sydney Heller (Apocalypse Goals) and Stephanie Wong (The Resident). Narrated by Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices).

Blocked is written and directed by Scott Zakarin

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