A Science Fiction Podcast that’s too Fast too Furious! Get ready for UNDERGROUND SCOOTER RACING!

Dof Craney’s Electric Circuit of wild scooter races may not be as fast, but is far more furious.

When street wise computer hacker, Plato Pachinko, gets out of jail, he finds himself in the middle of an illegal scooter racing racket called the Electric Circuit. To help his friends Danny and Jenny, extreme sports professionals, he hacks a Scooter App that allows him to even the score!

Performed by: Joe Basile (Tropic Thunder), Dylan Saunders (Chicago Fire), Jenna Larson (Prom Night: An LGBT Short Film), Cooper Johnson (It’s All Good) and Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices) as Narrator and herself.

Electric Circuit is written and directed by Scott Zakarin.

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The Electric Circuit- Recording Script Dec.17

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