The Ride Share Season Finale’ is HERE!

Following a night of pure insanity, Keith is ready to leave LA in the rear view mirror, but first he has some loose ends to tie up, including: The dangerous visit he pays to Amanda’s husband. And his final showdown with Lydia.

Performed by: Eric Martsolf (Days of Our Lives), Britt Baron (Final Fantasy VII: Remake), Regan Burns (Supernatural), and Julie Nathanson (Far Cry 5).

Ride Share: The Series is written and directed by Scott Zakarin. Produced by Bert Benton, James Gavsie, and Scott Zakarin.

For a special visual version of the episode visit the Digital Sky YouTube channel (, that includes a truly unique visual style to go alongside the immersive audio.

You’ll be addicted to the twisting tales of each and every episode.

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