Lydia Listens to Keith’s heart beat! The challenge for the egg is on! Keith (Eric Martsolf: Booster Gold on Smallville) and Lydia (Britt Baron: Final Fantasy VII: Remake) lock themselves into a hotel room to compete for the egg in a battle of will and endurance.

They play the game in vastly different ways to decide who is going to win the prize. Also, in this episode Keith picks up James and Ray, a couple of comic book geeks and podcast hosts of “Who Would Win”, who argue about who is stronger the Hulk or Superman! They need a judge to see who is right and they draft the wrong Ride Share driver to deliver the verdict.

Performed by: Eric Martsolf (Days of Our Lives), Britt Baron (GLOW), and Who Would Win Podcast hosts, James Gavsie and Ray Stakenas.

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