Can a video game character feel? Escape reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in.

Sam, Eric and Cassie are obsessed with beating the next level of the hot new video game “Space Agent”. It’s a first-person shooter game about a Bond-like secret agent who battles Martians on his quest to rescue his girlfriend, Peggy Monday. Despite their best efforts to complete the mission, the Peggy Monday avatar keeps getting killed over and over. Then Cassie begins to realize something very strange: the Space Agent avatar they are playing seems to grow more anguished with each failure to save his lady love. Could Space Agent, an artificial intelligence avatar made up of computer code, be having real feelings?

Performed by: Chelsea Javier (Stranger Danger), Robert Van Guelpen (For Jennifer), Chris O’Brien (Bunkheads), Denise Hoey (Aux) and Mark Prendergast (Outlander). Narrated by Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices).

Space Agent is written and directed by Scott Zakarin.

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Space Agent Script Sept. 17

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