Wonder what it would be like to have Superpowers!? Escape reality with this super hero fiction podcast!

“Super App” chronicles the adventures of two ordinary couples who discover a bonus level on their mobile game that gives each of them a mighty superpower.  Now, they must decide whether to stick with their plan of settling down, having kids and leading normal lives, OR answer the call of destiny and become a superhero team, saving lives and fighting bad guys.

This episode of Digital Sky is dedicated to the memory of legendary comic book creator: Stan “the Man” Lee – Excelsior!

Performed by: Nick Antonyan (Vlog Squad), Zeno Robinson (Young Justice), Christine Barger (Made of Honor; American Pie Presents: Beta House), Morgan Harvill (Crazy Fast) and Johnny McConville (Red Velvet). Narrated by Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices).

Super App is written and directed by Scott Zakarin.

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Super App – Recording Script

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