Escape Reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in. Facing certain death would you reveal your biggest secret and tell the world you were gay?

Claire Hoffman is an expert hiker and popular influencer. She inspires her audience by broadcasting her adventures on social media.

Claire has decided to challenge herself by blazing a new path to explore some treacherous caves. Only this time, Claire is out of cell phone range and completely on her own. Claire enjoys the time alone, pushing herself further than ever before and finding stunning beauty all around her.  But then an unpredicted torrential rainstorm starts, and Claire finds herself in a hopeless situation with a last chance to share her personal truth.

Performed by: Caitlin Thornburn (Good Omens), Hannah Forcier (Prom Night: An LGBT Short Film), Chelsea Javier (Stranger Danger) and Robert Van Guelpen (For Jennifer). Narrated by Anna Brisbin (Brizzy Voices).

Trail Less Taken is written and directed by Scott Zakarin.

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Road Less Taken – Recording Script (1)

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