Room 729 Script

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Lydia Script

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Episode 3 Script

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Rideshare Ep 3: Wyatt

Episode Three: Wyatt Keith is once again the passenger of an unsuspecting Ride Share driver, although this time his mark is not wavered by Keith’s threats. Along the ride they come across some varying and adventurous passengers. Has Keith finally met his match? Find out in RIDE SHARE: EPISODE 3- WYATT What did you think […]

Ride Share Ep 2: Amanda

Episode Two: Amanda Beware Your Driver! Starting where we left off at the end of Episode 1: Call Me Keith, Keith is now a ride share passenger – but not for long. We follow his numerous cons throughout the night before ending up with a particularly charming young passenger, Amanda. Will Keith have a change […]

Ride Share Ep 1: Call Me Keith

Episode One: Call Me Keith Beware your driver! Counting on the blind faith and misplaced trust of those who use Ride Share apps, the mysterious con man known as Keith carefully targets the unsuspecting few who are naive enough to believe all Ride Share drivers, and their passengers, are trustworthy. Episode 1 picks up where […]


Episode Two: Moonstone Escape reality with a fiction podcast to get lost in. Blocked is Digital Sky’s first ever visual podcast! Visual novel fans, hang on for a wild ride! Charlie King is a 33-year-old aspiring screenwriter who just knows he has what it takes to make it big. He practices his craft every day, […]

App to the Future

Episode Nine: App to the Future Share the episode! Escape Reality with a science fiction podcast about Time Travel! Episode 9 of the Digital Sky Fiction Podcast Series, APP TO THE FUTURE features an amazing performance by popular voice actress Anna Brisbin! Lisa Nino is a 16-year-old girl stuck at home during the pandemic of […]

Electric Circuit

Episode Eight: Electric Circuit A Science Fiction Podcast that’s too Fast too Furious! Get ready for UNDERGROUND SCOOTER RACING! Dof Craney’s Electric Circuit of wild scooter races may not be as fast, but is far more furious. When street wise computer hacker, Plato Pachinko, gets out of jail, he finds himself in the middle of […]